Weekend news - Hybrid Rav4 // Daimler Streamliner // Electric Tricycle Johanson3


Hybrid Rav4 presented tomorrow in New York

After the new Lexus RX already expected in New York, Toyota announces the RAV4 Hybrid.

After the electric RAV4, Toyota’s small SUV gets a hybrid version that could well set the benchmark in the segment – for a pioneer and leader – like they did with the Prius!

No information for now - it comes tomorrow! As for the completion only the Peugeot 2008 HybridAir and C4 Cactus could have their say!

However, the experience with the technology is very different between the two brands...


The electric tricycle Johanson3

The idea comes from Belgium, an electric tricycle / cargo bike that allows you to take 3 people at speeds starting at 15kph with a range of 30km for a base price of $ 2,260 and going up to $ 3,900 - the Explorer in picture below reaches 70kph !!

They just raised $ 1,3Million that will accelerate the first deliveries of their different models !!

Here are videos of the Belgian electric tricycle

A high efficiency truck by Daimler

During a Trucking Show in the US branch of the Daimler presented a very efficient truck, called Freightliner it offer up to 115% more efficiency than a 2009 model!

Weighing only 5 tons, thanks to good energy management, the 12 speed automatic transmission and a technology based on the GPS and 3D modeling for optimization - including speed - the Freightliner shows an average consumption of 19l / 100km!

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