(VIDEO) Renault Twizy Chinese clone has doors, costs half!


Here is further evidence of the Chinese know-how in copies, a replica of the Renault Twizy named Rayttle E28, it announces more autonomy for a price halved!

The manufacturer's name is Zhejiang Litong New Energy Automobile Corporation, they launched the Rayttle E28 late last year, the design is almost modeled on the French electric micro-citycar, same overall design, with front and rear lights very similar, only the doors and wheel fairings change with respect to the French.

For the powertrain, the electric motor is equivalent with a power 7.5kW while the 73.6V 135Ah battery allows a range up to 130km according to the manufacturer.

The weight is up to 650kg and the maximum speed remains set at 80kph for a listed price of 35,800Yuans, approximately € 4,910.

For the record, the Twizy is not sold in China, therefore the surprise is total on the market with this nice looking electric microcar and its flashy colors, the manufacturer already offers versions for the police such as Renault did for Firefighters.

Two other versions are also planned with 2.2 and 2.8kW motors for speeds of 32 to 45kph, respectively.

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