Solar panel wheels to power your electric bike!


The prototype presented by the Dutch company Solar Cycle, is an electric bike (pedelec) powered by a Bosch technology and recharged by solar panels placed on its wheels!

This application of solar panels is made possible with solar cells developed by Solar Application Lab with nano technology, the Solar Cycle is a demonstrator and compared to a conventional pedelec it would only cost an extra €500.
This technology allows the use of different cell size and shape as efficiently as traditional cells.
These cells can recharge a battery in 4 to 5 hours with good weather and transmit the energy to the battery by induction!
The prototype developed is based on an existing bike base, but Solar Cycle aims to develop its own bike and in build 250 test units by early 2016 for a production start within 3 years.

Therefore, the company has just moved into the Innovation Lab of the Technical University of Eindhoven TU/e with a grant of € 60,000!
To test and demonstrate its technology Guus Faes co-founder of Solar Lab Application will be on the starting grid of the second edition of the Sun Trip, a race from Milan to Astana, more than 8.000km on an electric bike!

Via ElectricBikeReport

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