Electric scooter Italmoto EVAi and electric microcar Sym ex4u


To end the EICMA novelties (show which closed on November 9) here are two discoveries, an electric scooter by Italmoto and a microcar by SYM, the scooter specialist!

Iltamoto manufactures and markets gasoline scooters and pocket bikes but also electric bikes, here is their first electric scooter called EVAi, we note first its sleek look like the FIDO - even if it draws a bit too much from the Scrooser to our taste...
World premiered at the EICMA Show this electric scooter is very attractive, choice of colors, materials and for a quite reasonable price!


70km of range and maximum speed of 45kph
1kW engine and maximum torque of 150 nm
48V and 30Ah battery removable in two-packs
Weight of 55kg
A drum brake on the front
With this specs Italmoto manages to announce a retail price of only € 1,990! Success is guaranteed!!

SYM ex4U

The Taiwanese brand which manufactures scooters since 1954 made its name in France and Europe for the last 10 years with its refined design and quality manufacturing.
This electric microcar is a prototype, the ex4U weighs less than 400kg and can accommodate two adults or one adult and two children in the back + a few bags in the trunk and take them up to 50kph with a 6.5kW motor.
The 3.5kWh battery recharges in 5 hours.


Par Technologic Vehicles
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