Test: Lexus NX300h, on a light throttle


The long awaited little brother of the RX450h - which made the reputation of the Japanese brand - arrives in showrooms, so we decided to test Lexus' new hybrid crossover that expands the range with a more compact size. 


Its sharp lines surprise, the NX300h affirms its SUV status and incorporates the codes of the brand's latest model, the IS300h, so much that it looks like an hatchback IS on stilts with bodybuilded wings. 

Our test model is a NX300h Hybrid Executive with the Pack Techno priced at € 62,090 crowns*ing the range that begins at € 39,590 in France. 

Engine, fuel consumption and driveability 

The NX300h drives on a light throttle, even if it has a Sport and Sport + mode, the power of electric motors (two motors on the 4-wheel drive version tested) is enough and the NX300h goes very rarely in the range of "power" that awakens a noisy 4 cylinder. 

Fitted with the optional AVS suspension, its handling is exemplary, the car responds to the slightest request with flat cornering, really convincing! 
Finally deceleration is well managed with a light well balanced engine brake, braking in the city remains very sensitive. 

Regarding consumption during our test 60% in city and 40% extra urban our average consumption dropped below 7l / 100km at 6.9L / km over a distance of almost 300km. 

Premium hybrid crossover, the Lexus NX300h will compete with Range Evoque, Volvo XC70 or the brand new Porsche Macan but is the only one to offer a hybrid petrol engine. 

As always with Lexus you buy originality and quietness (service intervals and reliability) with a consumption of diesel without the NOx 



-Color heads-up display with eco-driving indicator, speed and GPS 
-Technology, lane departure warning, emergency brake alarm, USB and auxiliary plus a new wireless charger for mobile 
-AVS suspensions 


-Use of the central pad 
- Noisy engine in sport mode 
-Response time at the kickdown

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