Fuel-cell cars, French Post tests MobyPost, the clean deal?


MobyPost is a European project that has been around since 2012, it is now seeing a concrete result with 10 vehicles on the road in France. 

MobyPost is a hydrogen vehicle specifically designed for deliveries of postal workers, a dedicated utility vehicle answering to identified and relatively constant needs. 

A consortium of nine entities (companies, universities, laboratories) across 4 European countries has developed the MobyPost which is a vehicle, but also an energy independent technological solution. 

The MobyPost 

Based on the Ducati Energia, this quadricycle has only one seat and chose not to offer doors to facilitate the tour of postal workers and their frequent stops. 

10 vehicles are being tested in the departments of Doubs and Jura as a European premiere! 

Its maximum speed is 50kph for a range of 40 to 50km.

The autonomous charging solution MobyPost 

With MobyPost, the post offices are almost autonomous, they produce electricity and hydrogen from solar panels placed on the roof. Hydrogen is obtained by hydrolysis of energy and rainwater for a sustainable and local production. 

Once this experiment validated, the project could be extended in France and Europe!

Photo EstRepublicain / Source EDF, LaPoste, MobyPost

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