Future electric Audi's, competitors for the BMW i3 and Tesla


While rumors were running on an Audi offensive for electric vehicles with no less than 10 models within 5 years, we now discover the two first models (in addition to the R8 e-tron obviously), two electric SUV: the Audi A2Q and Q6

Audi A2Q 

Based on the MQB platform and adapted from the Audi A3 format (development cost less important than its Bavarian cousin i3 - a 100% new model) Audi will offer this mini urban SUV / border MPV which reminds strongly the BMW i3 

Arrival in 2018 with 500km of range 


Audi Q6 

A SUV coupe like the BMW X6 but in electric version. In sight, the Tesla Model S and Model X to come, the Audi Q6 would even be called Tesla-Fighter in-house. 

Arrival also planned in 2018 with 700 km of range this time 

This new SUV coupe will also be available in petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid versions

Electric car battle between Audi and Bmw 

Note that Audi could take a step ahead in this race to electrification, taking advantage of the MQB architecture and thus the possibility of launching a wide range of electric vehicles quickly and at less costs than its Bavarian competitor... 
To be continued! 

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