YouMo: a new electric bike from Switzerland


Swiss electric bikes - with their leader Stromer – are pretty successful in Europe and even across the Atlantic, this success story gives ideas to new local companies... 

YouMo has just launched its first electric bike, a unisex aluminum frame that comes in four versions with scalable finish and performances. 

The frame’s design is reminiscent of beach cruisers, the electrical components are placed at the bottom in a relatively discrete way, thus improving the center of gravity. 

Despite its aluminum construction it weighs 25kg without battery. 
The 15Ah battery will allow a range of 50 to 100km depending on the efforts of the cyclist. 

The YouMo electric bike 

The entry level is the YouMo One with a price of € 2,950, it is a pedelec with 24 inches wheels and a LED light fitted inside the frame, the derailleur is a 8 speed SRAM.

The YouMo range 

Then comes the One C accessorized with eg a mud guard for € 3,250, then the equipment increases (brakes and derailleur) with the X250 and X500, a true e-bike with 500Watts of power and a maximum speed of 45kph, it priced at € 4,470 

Just released, the electric bicycles YouMo are yet sold online and through a national network of dealers.

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