Dongfeng starts the production of an electric microcar - Aeolus E30


The Chinese brand Dongfeng - owned by the government as most of the local manufacturers - just started the production of an electric city car called Aeolus E30 which is also available in "long" version, the Aeolus E30L.

Resolutely urban its speed is limited to 80kph like the Renault Twizy for example, but its range is announced however to 160km!

Available in two or four-seater (L), the Aelous E30 is powered by a 25kW electric motor and a 18kWh lithium iron phosphate battery which can be fully charged in 8 hours or half an hour in fast charge!

First electric car of the Dongfeng brand, the Aeolus E30 is produced in series from today in the Wuhan plant.
Regarding the price, it is not official yet ...

Given the recent agreements between Dongfeng and PSA, it would not be surprising that this model comes to Europe one day.
We also recall that the brand has a joint venture with Nissan that allows it to offer locally a rebadged Nissan Leaf called Venucia.

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