(VIDEO) First deliveries of the Lito Sora


While Harley Davidson introduced its first prototype of electric motorcycle, the LiveWire to judge the public's acclaim, Lito GreenMotion the precursor of sport electric motorcycles, upscale and connected just released its first production models!

The production model has been unveiled at the Montreal Motorcycle Show earlier this year, a futuristic and sleek design that gives some finesse to this massive electric motorcycle.

To recap, in March 2011, we presented the first prototype of the Lito Sora, this bike developed in Canada with local know-how, 100% made in Quebec

Specs of the Lito Sora and competitive advantages

- Electrically adjustable seat height
- Integrated GPS and touch screen
- Storage space instead of the fuel tank
-Aluminum frame and carbon-fiber bodywork
-CVT transmission

Weight of 260kg
90nm of torque - up from the original concept
Max speed of 190kph
12kWh battery for 100km of range on the highway and 200km in the city

Reserved to an elite and avant-garde - Lito opened a path that has been followed since by Venturi with the Voxan Whatman - its price is set at € 49,000!

So far only two dealers in Europe and more specifically in Germany


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