(VIDEO) Drive EO PP02 : not your usual Tesla Roadster


Drive EO is a Latvian engineering company that we introduced in 2011 on the occasion of the Dakar with their range-extender hybrid SUV. Since then, they entered the 2013 Pikes Peak hill climb with a first prototype.

Last year, Drive EO put the PP01 on the starting grid, a prototype of electric supercar developing 400kW for 950kg - but unfortunaley, the prototype crashed during the race!

This year they're coming back to challenge Tajima and the Mitsubishi iMiEV EVO III with a car based on the chassis of a Tesla Roadster but with a modified drivetrain. It packs 360kW of peak power (483hp) in rear wheel drive and is powered by a 40kWh battery pack.

The Drive EO PP02 is a demonstrator which serves to validate the components of an electric supercar in development "already on the drawing board" at Drive EO!

For the record, the Tesla Roadster offered 288hp (215kW continuous) for 400nm of torque and is itself based on a Lotus chassis, while the battery capacity was set at 53kWh – specs of the 2.5 version!

To be continued in a few weeks on the 2014 Pikes Peak!

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