Wattmobile, the other french electric carsharing program arrives next month


When we talk about electric carsharing we often think Bolloré and Autolib but a new player is coming with a specific target, Wattmobile will be located in train stations and dedicated to professionals!

Wattmobile will deploy from this year in France. Each station will offer up to 10 vehicles - located in parking stations they are indeed limited to 10 charging ports by the regulation. 
Vehicles are Renault Twizy (6) and 50 or 125cc electric scooters (4) for ranges of 60 to 80km.

The first inauguration will take place next June 19 simultaneously in four train stations: Lille, Paris Gare de Lyon, Marseille and Lyon. Barely a month later, four other stations will open in Paris Gare de l'Est, Grenoble and Bordeaux for a total of 20 stations (6 in Paris) in 15 cities.

The user reserves on internet and retrieves his vehicle thanks to an RFID card that is used to start the vehicle without key and even remotely in case the card is lost. To develop this technology, buy the vehicles and build the stations, Wattmobile teamed with FullCharger and raised €1.5million!

Subscription € 15 per month (per company)
Rental 1.5 € per 15 min for a scooter, 2 € for a Twizy
For rentals between 8 and 24hours it is a flat fare of respectively 48 and 64 €

For its development, Wattmobile is thinking about London, Brussels, companies, business centers (project study with Regus) and hotels who want to offer a dedicated carsharing service.

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