(VIDEO) SIM-HAL , SIM Drive’s fourth prototype adopts a sporty look and new in-wheel motors

Update of April 3rd article with new images and a demo video

Having focused on the efficiency with previous concepts SIM-CEL , SIM –WIL and SIM -LEI to highlight the qualities of its in-wheel motors, the Japanese SIM Drive chose this time to highlight its sportiness.


Developed in a year, this SIM-HAL (High efficiency All-wheel Link) follows the trend of previous concepts with tapered lines but with a sporty grille and more angular design.

Since their first prototype in 2011, SIM Drive has improved its in-wheel technology and thus made it more efficient. The SIM-HAL prototype, like all the other concepts has two seats and four independent in-wheel motors making it a 350hp four wheel drive electric car!

SIM-HAL_SimDrive (1).jpg

SIM-HAL specs

260kW of total power (about 350hp) and 2480Nm of torque
1 hour fast charge to 80 % - for a range “equivalent to a combustion model " - 404km in JC08 cycle from a 35.1kWh battery
Electric consumption of 86.9Wh/km for 0 to 100kph in 4.7 seconds!

During this reveal SIM Drive also presented a prototype of electric Toyota GT86 (SIM- 86E) with the same technology of independent wheel motors.

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