Foldable electric bicycle, the Gi Bike reinvents the genre!


Often, foldable bicycle stands for compact and urban bicycle but the Gi Bike, designed by American engineers is a foldable electric bike with 26 inches wheels.


Its innovative design allows to have a full size electric bike but also provides the possibility to fold in just 3 seconds, with an unchanged height but length almost halved - once folded it just rolls simply.
Even unfolded "Unabrigded" the Gi is already the shortest 26-inch bike on the market with 170cm, its footprint is reduced to 90cm when folded.

Built from aluminum, the electric version weighs 17kg against 12kg for the classic one.
Wheels and spokes are custom made including a front wheel fitted with integrated LEDs to fight against side collisions.

GiBike_folding_e-bike (2).jpg

The electric version is a pedelec limited to 25kph for a range announced to 40miles (64km) of silent cruise thanks to its belt drive.
Gi bike has an integrated lock/anti-theft that turns on as soon as you are 10 feet (3 meters) away of your bike.

Its design is thought to be "admired it in the street or folded in your living room".
Price remains to be announced, it will depend on its welcome on kickstarter to be launched in a few weeks!
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