Qoros unveils an electric bike in Geneva - Qoros eBIQE Concept


After a surprise last year with the announcement of three models - including a hybrid SUV, this year it is on two wheels that Qoros surprises with the Qoros eBIQE Concept!

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This eBIQE Concept is an electric bike that can be wise or high performance with specs close to a motorcycle.

In fact, it has three driving modes, Street at the pedelec standard limited to 25kph with 250Watt of power, then comes the ECO mode where power reaches 4kW, finally, the Power mode unleashes the motor’s full 12kW (16hp) transforming this “electric bike” in a motorbike with a 65kph max speed! Range announced goes from 120km to 80km depending on the mode - from the 1.3kWh battery whose charge takes 80 minutes on a normal plug.

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In addition to its technical specifications, more interest comes from the integration of the QorosQloud platform derived from their cars, the bicycle is connected by 3G and a 8 inches touch screen gives you access to your favorite applications and services.

With this concept bike, Qoros explores the response of the European public on a booming market locally with more than 130 million electric bicycles on the road in China!
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If the style of the Qoros eBIQE reminds you something, this is normal, it is based on the GreyP Bikes G12 - an electric bike developed by the founders of Rimac Automobili !
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