Denza , the Chinese electric car by Daimler and BYD will debut in Beijing 2014 next April


After the first images of the concept revealed in 2012, Daimler just issued a press release announcing that the production version of its electric car Denza will be presented on the 2014 Beijing Auto Show with a launch to follow.


Denza born from a joint venture between Daimler and the Chinese BYD, a company named BDNT (BYD Daimler New Technology).
BDNT combines the experience and expertise of both manufacturers with no less than 250 engineers and experts developing a model adapted to the local market which should enable the mass adoption of electric cars - while almost 90 % of the two-wheelers in China are already electric!

However, still no information on its technical specifications, we will have to wait for April, only some infos about charging... In fact, the Chinese government has set up a fast charging network to help developing the EV market, Denza will therefore offer a fast charging solution managed by ABB which will be marketed by the network.

Still about recharge the management and control of cycle will be available via a mobile application.
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