ElectroForce a new brand of electric bikes for less than $ 5,000


ElectroForce Motors is a Chinese company based in Shanghai, from existing combustion motorcycles frames they decided to launch two models of electric bikes, each with two engines "base" and "+" , more powerful and with a higher battery capacity.


ElectroForce Motors, EFM was formed after a market study that found that there are a plethora of models of electric bikes but quality is not always there, therefore they decided to explore this niche !

Two models Mu and Tau with a more sporty design for estimated price of $ 4,200 and $ 5,000 while the heart of the local market is around 3.000Yuans (496$ au cours du jour) ...

EFM_ElectroForce_Mu (2).jpg

Address the niche market on volumes such as the Asian ones, with over 36 million electric two-wheelers produced in China alone is certainly a good strategy to get a piece of the market.

The EFMotors Mu and EFMotors Tau are offered in two variants classic and "+" with powers of 8 and 11kW, speeds of 85 to 100 kph, 3.9 and 5.4kWh batteries packs for a range between 115 to 150km !

"We hope to start in Asia first - China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, all great motorcycle places with big populations of riders," Brandon Ng.

SCMP via EVWorld
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