(VIDEO) Derringer motorized bicycle specialist goes electric


Derringer Cycles is one of the references in the small world of motorized bicycles, for several years they produce bicycles with a small gasoline engine, a four-stroke 50cc, to make mopeds with nice looks and decidedly offbeat, custom-made in Los Angeles, Derringer cycles are inspired by the board track racing born in the 20s.


They decided to present their vision of an electric bicycle, a sleek and vintage bike and seeks funds on KickStarter.

The Derringer electric bicycle’s design is based on the Cruiser model electrified and coming in three versions: Heritage 37V , Signature 52V and Bespoke in 63V for powers from 750Watt to 2800Watt - these models will be limited to meet the regulations, the owner will decide if he wants to unleash the power.

Derringer_Cycles_e-bike (4).jpg

Discrete electrification, the electric motor is located in the rear wheel while battery and components are housed in two locations one under the top tube, the other close to rear wheel.

Derringer_Cycles_e-bike (2).jpg

On the performance side range varies from 32 to 64km for speeds of 35 to 61kph and prices ranging from 3,500 to $ 6,500.

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