(VIDEO) Suzuki at the Tokyo Motor Show three concept cars and a mini electric motorcycle Extrigger

Update of October 30th article with videos

At the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show that opens its doors in late November Suzuki will introduce many new models and concepts on four or two wheels, we will focus on three particularly interesting for us, the concept-cars Crosshiker and X -Lander and the mini electric motorcycle Suzuki Extrigger.

Suzuki Crosshiker

The Crosshiker is a compact crossover, a revised and raised version of the Regina concept introduced in 2011, its plus : low weight of 810kg and a 1l three-cylinder gasoline engine.


Suzuki X -Lander

With this concept Suzuki wants to make impression with a distinctive style, a urban vehicle but at ease outside the box, in line with the Jimny concept. Its 1.3l petrol engine combined with a new generation continuously variable transmission is assisted by an electric motor that allows the car to offer 4-wheel drive !


Suzuki Extrigger

In the wake of mini bikes designed for dense urban areas such as the Honda MSX125, an ultra-compact and fun bike, Suzuki answers with the EXTRIGGER to be unveiled in world premiere at the Tokyo show. Its specs sheet is not yet announced, but its street bike look and compact size are more than appealing!
The EXTRIGGER is fitted with the electric motor of the Suzuki e -Let a utility scooter sold in Japan!


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