DCH prototype by Dechaves : the naked electric bike


After an interpretation of modern Lambretta and a super- sharp sportsbike with BMW engine, Pablo de Chaves, through his company Dechaves Motion introduces the running prototype of its first electric motorcycle, the DCH that required a year and a half of work.

Dechaves_electric_bike (2).jpg

Tubular frame + fork , swingarm , in-wheel motor, battery and bicycle saddle = awesome look

The DCH project began as a hobby with the desire to develop an electric motorcycle from scratch and without any existing two wheeler part for the chassis / structure apart from brakes and suspensions.

Dechaves_electric_bike (4).jpg

Its specs sheet announces an electric motor that produces 10kW (14hp) in continuous (125cc equivalent) and can reach up to 41hp in peak, the maximum speed is set at 100kph, while the range offered by the 3.45kWh battery is not announced.

The DCH Prototype does not have the EU approval but has all the parts to be able to drive on the open road ... In fact the entire project is for sale!

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