(VIDEO) Nikos Manafis – sweet folding e-bike Concept out of folded sheet metal has two motors


We do not hide our passion for bikes and electric bikes and each new concept is a pleasure to discover, especially when they are pushing the envelope like this one!


The e-bike concept by Nikos Manafis is based on several principles and existing industrial innovations : it is made of folded sheet metal (aluminum) and closed wheels that integrate motor, battery and controller - in detail there are two 28 inches dbRevo 28 (2x250Watt)..

On the design side it is pure, a blend of high-tech and tradition with leather handles and Brooks saddle literally suspended in the air the Vanhulsteijn way.
Its solid wheels give it the appearance of a speed bike and manufacturing technique an interesting profile.

For the transmission, Nikos Manafis chose a simple Sturmey Archer single speed , while the electric motors can be used separately or simultaneously.

More than a concept , there is a functional prototype and Nikos Manafis even announces a limited edition of a few units at a price estimated around € 5,000

For colors and trim he teamed up with Luana Balominou that provides interesting variation in the configurator.

Nikos does not detail the principle of folding but we imagine that the top part folds over the other...

Via Yankodesign

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