(VIDEO) Paris to inaugurate a first electric bus line tomorrow

Update of October 15th article with a video of the inauguration - in french but you can use YouTube's subtitles

The company “Autocars Dominique” in Buc, Yvelines - via its subsidiary B.E. Green - will inaugurate tomorrow a line of electric buses in the 15th arrondissement, a 8km and 28 stations line.

B.E. GREEN implements this line for the STIF (Transports of Ile de France) and the City of Paris.

B.E. Green has already launched a dozen experiments in France with companies or institutions: Ministry of Health, Microsoft, Bouygues Immobilier, Axa, EDF for seasonal operating contracts or over several years.


BE Green offers a fleet of three models the ZEUS with 22 seats and the Oreos 2X and 4X : 22 and 49 seats respectively.

For now the model selected has not been announced but we imagine that they will choose the largest, the Oreos 4X.

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