Renault Twizy to face some english born competiton (T25 and T27 city-car)


The brilliant designer/inventor Gordon Murray sold the plans of his micro city-cars T25 and T27 to an anonymous manufacturer, for a launch expected within two to three years!

The former director of McLaren in F1 confirmed the news on his personal blog. The prototypes of micro city-cars T25 and T27 that he designed will be put into production – respectively fitted with a combustion or electric powertrain both with three seats they will enter a market that Renault created with the Twizy.


Gordon Murray prototypes in detail

For the combustion version T25, the engine is a 12-valve 660cm3 three cylinder (51 hp and 60Nm). The car reached 156kph on a racetrack and 0 to 100kph in 16 seconds for a combined consumption of 3.8 l per 100 km and CO2 emissions below 86 g per km! The gearbox is automated and operated via paddles.

The electric version T27 has a 12kWh battery that powers a 34hp and 87nm motor:  0 to 100kph is announced in less than 15 seconds and maximum speed at 105kph for a range of 161km !

Three seats for the Gordon Murray T25 and T27

Both versions offer a great habitability and a significant level of comfort for such tiny vehicles. Unlike the Twizy, the cars are fully enclosed while keeping their weight under 600kg thanks to thermoformed plastic structure and a single door that opens like a jet cockpit.

Gordon_Murray_T27 (3).jpg

The seats are arranged in 1 + 2 (one in front and two behind) while the Twizy and Smart ForTwo ED offer only two seats. The rear seats of the T25 and T27 can be folded to provide some extra cargo space then going from 160 to 720 dm3 – not bad for a 2.4meters car!

The automaker , which bought the rights to commercialize the two cars schedules a launch before 2016... To be continued!

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