VAERO VE-100 PAV, an electric VTOL


Here is one finalist of the competition launched by the magazine Popular Science the #CrowdGrant Challenge organized in partnership with RocketHub

To develop their project, the company VAERO Dynamics seeks to raise funds through the crowdfunding site RocketHub.


The VE-100 is a single person electric VTOL that works with a ducted propeller and contra-rotating technology already seen in some concepts of flying machines, eg FBike.

The tilting ducted propellers go from the horizontal position, take-off mode, to the vertical flight mode by rotating along the wing axis.

Its construction requires very few parts and 2 and 3 seater versions, EV-200 and EV-300 are also under study with taxi vocations.

VAERO_VE-100 (4).png

Long dreamed by Dr. Moller, today’s technology allows VTOL vehicles to run, thanks to the electric propulsion that provides a maximum torque from the first second and the contra-rotating ducted propeller technology.

Here is the preliminary specs of the EV-100, a maximum speed of 120 knots for 85 to 105 in cruise mode via 4 to 6 motors and 1 to 2.5h flight range.

To develop some prototypes the company estimates its funding needs at $ 2,250,000, no price estimate has been revealed yet ...
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