Exclusive: H-Ker eRacer, new prototype for H-Ker, an electric café racer!


Back in 2011 we made you discover the company H-Ker end, its ambitions on the electric motorcycle market and particularly in the field of competition. A year and a half later, they continue to make the buzz!


The dynamic French company founded by Francois-Xavier Huille and Yves Kerlo does only tests its H-Ker First (training race motorcycles) on all the French tracks during presentations to the public, they also work on a more powerful racing electric motorcycle based on the First - developing 60hp for 125kg an interesting power / weight ratio - aiming to launch a monotype Championship, the H-Ker Cup planned for 2014! And as if that wasn’t enough, they are also working on an electric café racer!

During a visit to their workshop, we could take some pictures of the prototype under development, the H-Ker eRacer.

These first images of the prototype, still at an early stage, already set the tone, in-house frame and tank, a lot of leather, wire wheels, retro lights but also the top of the French know-how for example with a Beringer brake system...

Few information about the performance of the H-Ker eRacer are available for now, but it should develop 35hp for a top speed of 150kph and a range expected around 120km.
However, this prototype should remain a one-off... Stay tuned!

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