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The electric bicycle market is very dynamic, particularly in Germany, therefore, Munich’s ISPO Bike show is one of Europe’s major event for electric bikes

Pedelecs and e-bikes

We talked about XKuty One or Terra Motors A400i, electric scooters featuring a smartphone integration, here's a new Croatian brand that just developed a prototype of high-tech electric bike in carbon fiber that has a dedicated Smartphone app.


Created by Marko Matenda, the Visiobike is a pedelec that integrates GPS, GSM modules and even an HD camera. The application allows you to view the location of the bike at all times but also to lock it with an access code.
The final price is not announced yet, but the Visiobike has already been awarded at the Launch Festival in San Francisco.

Additive e-bike, from an additional accessory bag originally fitted to a standard bike, they decided to integrate an electrification technology and offer a full range of pedelecs that emphasizes on weight with models weighing between 16 and 21kg.

The brand A2B -formerly owned by Ultra Motor- bought out and relaunched by Hero Eco has expanded its few original models to a wide range of 10 electric bicycles, with variants of the historical model Metro but also foldable and more classic bikes.

For information, Hero Eco also owns the brand F4W

Sleek and elegant, with its fixie looks the COBOC 3.0 is boosted with electrons, presented at the show it got a "Brand New" award, the COBOC 3.0 announces a weight of only 14kg and a range of 40 to 60km.

Also note the e-bike R-002 (more than 25kph) from the homonymous company, equipped with a Bosch technology that provides a peak power 500Watt, 50Nm of torque for a top speed of 45kph with a range up to 140km thanks to its 400Wh battery, it is priced from € 3,195. Note that the pedelec version called R004 announces up to 190km of range for a price of € 2,895.

The ISPO Fair also showed a trend for more stylished polyvalent electric bicycles, whether highly functional or pure utility vehicles

The company Rad3.de that combines functionality and design with the Urban Arrow, offering any load capacity or wheelbase to suit every needs.

This trend for design utility bikes is also confirmed by the Bicicapace (Italian origin) a cargo pedelec that hosts a 70liters PVC bag over its 20 inches front wheel.
It can also welcome a trailer on the back for larger loading requirements.

Finally an inevitable innovation from Australia, the punctureless and multicolor Tannus tire, a solid tire that doesn’t even require to be inflated! Polymer-based, it is available in 13 colors.
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