(VIDEO) 200 fast charging stations for electric cars in Holland


Charging your electric car during a pause on the highway will soon become a reality... in the Netherlands. No fewer than 200 stations powered by solar panels will be built.

Holland is one of the most advanced European country in terms of green mobility. After the project of highway dedicated to bikes and electric scooters it is now over 200 fast charging stations for electric cars that will come out of the ground.


Indeed, the Netherlands seriously invest in green technologies, the Swiss company ABB has been selected by Fastned to provide the solar panel stations. These stations will be installed next to gas stations along several highways in the country. The objective of the project is that the Dutch converted to electric mobility can have a charging point every 50 km.

The Fastned stations will be built with sustainable materials, identifiable by their characteristic "droplets" shape and completely covered with solar panels.

Despite the lack of real harmonization between different manufacturers, virtually all types of plugs will be supported by the terminals. It will be possible to charge the Renault Zoe as easily as the Chevrolet Volt or Nissan Leaf on AC or DC, and with powers up to 50kW refills are announced in 15 to 30 minutes maximum.


Each charger will also be connected to the Internet, allowing drivers to make updates to their car’s software as well as giving access to some assistance. The first station will be installed along the next September. The deployment of the 199 remaining is expected to be completed in 2015.

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