(VIDEO) Lazareth and NTN-SRN present an electric car in Annecy the Too'In!


The demonic French manufacturer/tuner Lazareth, known for its amazing vehicles has presented a prototype of electric city-car developed with NTN-SNR, an automotive supplier and the world’s third in  wheel bearings.

Too'In-Lazareth-NTN-SNR (3).jpg

This two-seater whose size is comparable to a Smart, features a powertrain developed by NTN-SNR while the body and certification have been entrusted to Lazareth.

The Too'In is powered by two in-wheel motors developing 4kW each and is approved under the L7e category (light vehicles under 400kg requiring a license) its speed is limited to 75kph for a range of 50km maximum (battery capacity undisclosed).

Too'In-Lazareth-NTN-SNR (5).jpg

Its approval as L7e could allow to fit more powerfull engine up to 15kW in total for improved performances.

Technology demonstrator foremost, this prototype was unveiled earlier this month at Annecy’s Festival of Animation movie, it is also fully functional as the Deputy Mayor has used it during the Festival!

Other applications of the in-wheel motor are under consideration between NTN-SNR and Lazareth ... Stay tuned!

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