(VIDEO) Scrooser : Iconic kickscoot on kickstart - electric motor as bonus


You know the principle of the pedelec, the electric motor boosts your effort when you push on the pedals. The Scrooser is based on the same principle with an electric assistance that stops at 25kph - on the other hand, it has a throttle to be used as an electric scooter, which is not allowed on a pedelec in France for instance.


The Scrooser was designed by the german company IFPEG founded in 2011 to develop new means of transportation, a year later, they came-up with a first prototype.

This new breed of electric kickscooter has an aluminum alloy frame with very sleek lines, 8 inches anodized wheels mounted on massive fat tires, and finally a minimalist saddle... pure design! But the Scroser is also about functionality and safety with LED lights hidden in the frame, such as the lock, while at the front we find a dual-piston disc brake!

The Lithium Ion battery is placed in the floor for a total vehicle weight of 28kg.
Its range varies from 35 to 55km whether you use it with the throttle or as a conventional kickscooter.

The project is funded on kickstarter, ¼ of the funding needs are met and there is 20 days left!

The Scrooser is also offered on the site at a launch price of $ 3,950

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