(VIDEO) 2013 Paris Air Show EADS E-FAN, an electric airplane for training purposes


The Paris Air Show, which opened its doors yesterday allows small companies as a PC-Aero to present their projects and innovations but also mainstream groups, such as EADS that presents the E-Fan a demonstrator of electric aircraft designed for training.

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In the wake of the Cri-Cri presented in 2010, EADS reveals the E-Fan, an electric aircraft designed in just 8 months, measuring 6.7m long and 9.5m of wingspan, it welcomes two passengers and is powered by two ducted propellers.

«Nous croyons que le démonstrateur E-Fan est une plate-forme idéale qui pourrait évoluer afin d'être certifiée et commercialisée comme un avion pour la formation des pilotes," Jean Botti, Directeur technique, au sein d'EADS


The prototype is fitted with two 65kg Lithium Polymer battery packs, its all-composite structure has been developed by ACS, for the moment the E-Fan hasn’t achieved an inaugural flight but this should happen soon.

This E-Fan EADS is the first demonstration of EADS E-Thrust technology that could soon be fitted in larger aircrafts.
The landing gear is also driven by an electric motor for the taxiing phases

In addition, EADS says they continue the development of their range-extender prototype, the DA36 E-Star.

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