(VIDEO) Le Bourget 2013: reveal of a 6-seater electric aircraft PC-Aero "Elektro E6"


The company PC-Aero which has already developed small electric airplanes (Elektra One - Elektra Two) has partnered with EADCO (a German consulting firm in Aeronautics) to offer the first 6-seater electric airplane, the Elektro E6 making its world debut on the 50th Paris Air Show which opens today!


Currently still at the project stage, this electric transport aircraft should result in a prototype in a three years time.

The objectives are 500km of range and 480kg of payload thanks to a carbon composite structure, two electric motors and solar cells.

PC-Aero_Elektro_E6 (2).jpg

Until now, the "record" for an electric aircraft is owned by the Pipistrel Taurus G4, the same company is also working on the Panthera a 4-seater aircraft with an optionnal range extender technology.

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