(VIDEO) Tajima E-Runner now called the Electric Monster - races again at 2013 PPHC


It was the last official announcement we were waiting regarding the electric vehicles involved in the 2013 edition of Pikes Peak. The Tajima E-Runner will be there again to fight for the title!

2013_electric_monster (4).jpg

Although the exterior doesn’t change much, the powertrain has been completely updated. According to the press release the efforts were focused on the reliability (last year’s prototype broke down during the race) and the weight with some work on each component.

Of course, Monster Nobuhiro Tajima will drive the prototype designed especially for the race.

2013_electric_monster (4).jpg

SIM Drive well known for its powerful and efficient electric vehicles came to support the Team apev with its independent 4-wheel drive technology, the goal this year is ambitious, 9min30seconds while last year’s winner Toyota (TMG) with its EV P002 achieved 10'15'' 380.

However, as usual, no figures are announced on its weight or power, we will have to see it in action to judge but the targeted time announced is under the best combustion cars from last year (9'46'' 164 for Rhys Millen "Unlimited")!

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