(VIDEO) Motit – electric scooter sharing launched in Barcelona!


Motit is a new solution of scooter-sharing in Barcelona but also and especially an electric scooter designed specifically for this use by the company Core in partnership with Going Green, operator of the service.

The Motit scooter - Core by Going Green - minimalist and functional

The Motit is an electric scooter with a tubular steel frame that offers a cool naked look to the two-wheeler, its 1.5kWh removable battery is placed under the seat. With its 4.1kW in-wheel motor it can reach a speed of 65kph for a range from 40 to 60km. Its total weight is in the average of equivalent electric scooters at 80kg.


The Motit doesn’t have a closed trunk but a clever luggage rack at the front that holds the helmet and opens when the rental starts, to stay on the functionality side, the 7 inch screen with GPS guides you across the city (touristic tours available) and regarding safety, it is equipped with two disc brakes.

Motit_Core-by-GoingGreen (3).jpg


In total, five different pricing are offered, depending on the frequency of use

-Three basic formulas: two for subscribers and one for visitors:

For subscribers with hourly or km rate from € 0.45 / km or 7 € / h for visitors


-The last two solutions are for frequent users with the possibility of one-way from 1 to 7 day per week and a monthly fee ranging from 7 to 54 €.


At present, the service Motit is available in seven locations in the heart of the city, 50 scooters are already available (300 expected by the end of the year). To use the service, you must be 21 years and have a 125cc or car license. Then, to book, just use the dedicated application available on iOS or Android.

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