(VIDEO) TommyKaira is reborn as an EV sports-car, “ZZ emblem is back“, 0 to 100kph in 3.9 seconds!


TommyKaira is an independent Japanese manufacturer created in 1997, it became famous worldwide with the help of GranTurismo, they built 200 sports-cars completely by hand.

In partnership with GreenLordMotors the brand takes a fresh start with an electric roadster that uses a legendary model name, the double Z:  TommyKaira ZZ EV.

TommyKaira_ZZ_EV_2013 (2).jpg

GreenLordMotors is a company based on the Campus of Kyoto’s University a venture of companies like Nidec, Omron with investors such as Nobuyuki Idei, former president of Sony...

GreenLordMotors has developed an electric platform, a monocoque chassis to which TommyKaira fitted a completely new body.

TommyKaira_ZZ_EV_2013 (2).jpg

The TommyKaira ZZ EV in figures

This electric sports car weighs only 850kg and offers 225kW (305hp) for 415nm of torque, therefore 0 to 100kph takes just 3.9 seconds for a range of 120km.

Launched in April the roadster is available from this year in a limited edition of 99 units at a price of 8.000.000 yen, the equivalent of € 60,518 at today’s exchange rate.

For the record, GreenLordMotors had also developed an electric scooter with three-wheels but so far no production announced - even in small series.

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