(VIDEO) Terrafugia TF-X : the flying car gets VTOL capability


The company Terrafugia has been working for almost seven years on a flying car, after reaching test flights stage of the Terrafugia Transition as a proof of concept, the brand now presents a new model the Terrafugia TF-X, safer and easier!

The idea remains the same, a vehicle that can move on the road or in the air with the possibility to be stored in a domestic garage. But with this new concept, no need of takeoff or landing runway, the TF-X is a VTOL and therefore can take off vertically.

Terrafugia_TF-X (3).jpg

Simple and fun, learning to maneuver this Terrafugia TF-X should take 5 hours according to its designers, and the tricky phases of takeoff and landing can be performed in automatic mode.

On the propulsion side, the TF-X is a hybrid, takeoff and landing is done in electric only with two pods of 600hp each (16 electric motors in each pod for more safety), then a combustion engine takes over as a range extender at first then as the main engine when the vehicle’s propellers are folded.


Its flight range is announced at 500miles - 805km

Compared to the Transition model, the TF-X offers two more seats (4 in total) in a more compact format, closer to a car.

However do not expect to come across it on our roads or in the air soon as the development phase is estimated between 8 and 12 years!

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