(VIDEO) Venturi builds the VBB-3, the "World's Fastest EV"


Venturi, Monaco's manufacturer of electric cars holding the record for the fastest car in the world with the VBB-2.5 and its 800 hp will introduce its successor next August. The VBB-3, a fully electric vehicle developing the phenomenal power of 3000hp!


The development phase of the Venturi VBB-3 ends on the Ohio State campus, partner of the manufacturer in this crazy adventure. The schedule announced a few months ago is still on tracks. The sleek bullet will be testing at Bonneville’s Speedweek from August 10 to 16.

During this gathering of speed addicted pilots on the Bonneville Salt Flats, the VBB-3 will test its possibilities in two runs of less than 3km, allowing to calculate an average speed. The world speed record attempt which requires more time to be properly prepared will be held from September 12, 2013.

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The stated objective for the (over) 3 tons vehicle is to exceed 400mph or 644kph. With 3,000hp (one 1,500hp motor on each axle) and 2,300 Nm of torque announced under its carbon hood, the slightest incident could be dramatic for the driver Roger Schroer.

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Tribute to the pilot of "La Jamais Contente"

The U.S. pilot will have some further pressure on his shoulders has he will pay tribute to Camille Jenatzi who died just 100 years ago. The Belgian engineer who died in a hunting accident, was on April 29, 1899 the first man in history to reach 100 kph. He was driving an all-electric car called "La Jamais Contente".

More than 114 years later, the VBB-3 is the collaborative effort of thirty Venturi employees and about twenty engineering students of Ohio State.

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