Pikes Peak 2013 : the EV speed record master, Chip Yates, will ride the Lightning


As much motorcycle pilot than pioneer, Chip Yates became famous in the EV world with his electric motorcycle prototype that took him to pure speed records (331kph) and a Pikes Peak title in 2012.


Since, he had recently taken the air, obviously with an electrical project, the Flight of the Century and its electric aircraft Electric Long ESA as demonstrator with which he (again) achieved a speed record at 326kph!

But Chip Yates cannot miss a visit to Pikes Peak! This year he won’t ride his 240hp monster but another, almost as impressive, the 180hp Barracuda Lightning.

Lightning_Electric_Motorcycle (4).jpg

This year, while the announcement of participants with electric cars is still awaited, we already know two electric bikes that will compete, the Amarok P1A with Greg Tracy at the handlebar and Chip Yates on Lightning Motorcycles, a great battle to come - even if both bikes do not play in the same league ... 147kg and 90hp for the Amarok P1A while the Barracuda Lightning shows 180hp for 227kg – a bike available in road legal version for $ 38,800!

For the record, in 2012 Lightning was also aiming for the title with an electric car, the HCE Lightning XP12.

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