Vectrix launching an electric motorcycle in 2013? 125cc equivalent, called Vectrix VT-1


During the 2011 EICMA show we did an update on Vectrix’s electric scooters with a quick test of the VX-2 and VX-3, the first electric three-wheeled scooter.

Since then, the company continues to innovate and now offers two new models, a single-person vehicle called ES-3 but their website also announces the imminent arrival of the Vectrix VT-1, an "electric vehicle" 125cc equivalent with a maximum speed of 88kph, a removable battery technology and of course the famous patented Vectrix throttle that allows to manage the regenerative braking.


Motorcycle or scooter? Although the VX-1 is the brand’s very first model, a renewal does not appear in the agenda and most importantly, the scooter range is already quite comprehensive... So we bet on an electric motorcycle!

According to some sources from the EV Taiwan Show, Vectrix could also have its own manufacturing plant for batteries soon, the STOBA batteries with their 180Wh/kg energy density, offering more safety and lightness (or more range for the same weight) an interesting competitive advantage to gain some market shares!
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