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On the 2013 EV Taiwan show, a consortium supported by the government presented local technologies and their applications in vehicles. The mission of the TARC (Taiwan Automotive Research Consortium) is to integrate the technologies and demonstrate the viability of electric mobility with local components!


Such is the case of the "Verification Platform of 96V Electric Motorcycle" managed by Bo-Liang Chen, 100% "MIT" Made in Taiwan: motor, controller, battery and even body.

The 70Ah Lithium "STOBA" battery developed by ITRI has a density among the best of the market, an “MIT” innovation that we will present in a future article ... In short the battery STOBA is a 180Wh/kg density against 110 in average for conventional LiFePO4 batteries and mostly safer through the use of nanomaterials that act as fuses in case of overheating.

This technology is known since 2009 but is now produced in series by companies like Amita Technologies.


The bike was designed based on a Kymco chassis, electrified by the engineers of the ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) with a specific attention to the design so this demonstrator pushes local manufacturers and attracts potential customers!
A test platform that can also set standards in terms of safety, it offers the performance of a 750cc from a 15kW induction motor thanks the important and instantaneous torque, its top speed rises to 120kph and its real life range is over 70km!

Last detail, in order to really test the components effectively, it is not just a one-off prototype, 20 bikes have been built and are being tested!

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