(VIDEO) SIM Drive Sim-Cel, third electric car prototype


After Sim-Lei in 2011, Sim-Wil in 2012 here is the third prototype developed by Sim Drive on the road that should lead to the production of an electric vehicle by 2015.

SimDrive_SIM-CEL (2).jpg

Still focused on efficiency and performance, Sim-Cel offers a 0.7g acceleration thanks to its four in-wheel motors. In this latest generation they develop each an additional 150nm at 850nm, for a total torque of 3400nm and 260kW of peak power (over 350hp)!

Thus, despite its 1580kg -mainly due to the 29.6kWh battery- the Sim-Cel goes easily from 0 to 100kph in 4.2 seconds and reaches a top speed of 180kph.

Sim-Cel is a two-seater version of SIM Drive’s electric vehicles and its Cd reaches new records at just 0.199 thanks to its oval shape.
Its range is announced at 324km in JC08 cycle with a consumption of 91.2Wh/km (see the ranking of ev consumptions here)

Sim Drive also imagines the vehicle as part of a global mobility solution with Smart City and Smart House.

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