(VIDEO) Superpiki an electric Smart Roadster developed in Slovenia


The Slovenian Institute Metron develops since 2011 an electric vehicle called Superpiki that participated in the ZENN Rally during the EVER show in Monaco.

Smart_Roadster_EV_Superpiki (6).jpg

Superpiki is a Smart Roadster with a 24kW Letrika electric motor that allows up to 130kph of maximum speed, it keeps the original 6-speed robotized gearbox.

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The electric Smart Roadster can travel up to 160km depending on the battery pack (17kWh in the prototype), furthermore, it has photovoltaic cells placed on the back while a full charge takes 4 hours, the Superpiki traveled almost 20.000km since its creation.

Cost of conversion is estimated between 25,000 and 30,000 € depending on the technological choice (engine/battery). Weight of the original model is preserved, 845kg!

EV_RX-8_Bolt (2).jpg

The list of vehicles converted by the Institute Metron is long and also features a Smart ForTwo (Piki), a Super 5, an RX-8 named Bolt (who attended the rally last year) and a Dacia Sandero who won the Rallye des Energies Nouvelles in both consumption an electric vehicles ranking!

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