Official, Bluecars coming to Bordeaux for ev car-sharing by the end of 2013


Following a previous article announcing some discussions between the Bolloré Group and the city of Bordeaux, the official agreement happened yesterday, the BlueCars will start in car-sharing scheme in the Greater Bordeaux area (CUB: Urban Community of Bordeaux) from  year-end.

Available from the last quarter of 2013 the service will change its name but it is not defined yet.


The annualized price is fixed at € 8/ month  and € 6 per half hour instead of the € 10 and € 5 planned initially and € 12 and € 5 like in Paris.

In a first step, 100 cars, 40 stations and 180 charging stations will be installed.

Bordeaux’s Autolib will complement other services to develop intermodality with tram, bus, but also VCub (bicycle sharing) and Autocool.

In Bordeaux the service will be operated via a temporary permit of occupation.

On the occasion of this announcement, Bolloré has also confirmed its intention to implement the service in Lyon!
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