(VIDEO) VW Jetta Hybrid, the greenest Jetta! (170hp & 95g/km)


After a launch in the United States, the Jetta arrives in Europe with an hybrid powertrain that combines performance with low fuel consumption and emissions.

The Jetta Hybrid offers a combined 170hp with 150hp from the 1.4TSI, for a combined fuel consumption of 4.1l/100km and emissions of only 95g/km or better than the 105hp 1.6TDI Bluemotion with its mechanical gearbox (4.2l/100km and 109g/km) offered from € 26,820!


The weight is kept below 1500kg and the size of the trunk is identical to the combustion model at 510liters.
To recharge the battery, the alternator powered by the combustion engine is assisted, by the regenerative braking actuated by the deceleration and brake pedal coupled between mechanical action and deceleration of the electric motor.

Several things to remember about this hybrid sedan

-2km range from a 1.1kWh battery.
-The Jetta Hybrid has different driving modes, auto mode allows you to go up to 60kph while the electric mode allows a 70kph maximum speed in electric only.

Officially launched at the Geneva Motor Show, the European version of the Jetta Hybrid will be priced at € 30,450 before bonuses and € 27,405 after government grants in France.

At an equivalent price level it will be in competition with the Kia Optima Hybrid.

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