(VIDEO) Enorm e-bike V3 Bullet: electric bikes definitely becoming cooler than Harleys!


We are never tired of discovering two-wheelers and electric bikes with always sleeker design half futuristic and retro borrowed from choppers, a trend likely born with the electrification of chopper-bikes and refined over time and growing demand.


Such is the case of Enorm eBike, an Austrian company created almost a year ago and that already presents its V3 pedelec, it becomes really high-end with a monocoque aluminum frame, 24 and 26 inches wheels, a 30Ah battery that allows up to 48V and 100km of range, it even includes a Smartphone!

Last, despite its outlaw look the V3 Bullet complies with the pedelec standards with its motor (from) 250Watt.
The already good-looking V2 with its oversized tires and 15Ah - 48V battery costed nearly 4000 € ... So far, no price has been announced for the V3!

For the record, here is a small selection of electric chopper bikes brands

Awaiting for more informations on the V3, check the V2 in action in the video below.

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