(VIDEO Geneva 2013: Kia Provo - provocative 4WD compact hybrid vehicle


Kia has just unveiled an impressive concept-car inspired by the aesthetics of the DS3 and Mini but with a muscle-car design matching its gasoline hybrid powertrain.


The Kia Provo foreshadows a model of the B-Segment designed for the European market, integrating muscular design and a 4WD hybrid technology.

Despite its short wheelbase (3.8 m long), and DS3 looks with the two-tone color, it is not only there in picture!

The Provo is fitted with a 4 cylinder 1.6 liter supercharged developing 204hp on the front wheels while an electric motor on the rear axle transforms it in 4WD in combined mode. The two powertrains are matted to a 7-speed DCT transmission, a first for Kia!

Kia_Provo_hybrid (5).jpg

The manly front-end with small lights and protuberant air-intakes is outstanding while the rear presents softer lines.

Each headlight is made of 850 programmable LEDs, which can serve both as high beam and low beam simply by reducing their intensity. Even better, they would be able to display messages such as "smileys".

Kia_Provo_hybrid (2).jpg

To get inside, a simple touch on the handles opens the car, unveiling an interior as diverse as the exterior trim. The best example is the speedometer and revs, fully digital contrasting with the retro leather seats with diamond pattern.

Definitely, the heart of Provo Concept balances between modernity and nostalgia, while ours is conquered!

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