Kymera electric bodyboard, the next generation watercraft


Kymera is a fresh look at water-sports, a company that invented a motorized bodyboard and turns to crowdfunding to start the series production of on all-electric model.

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James Wood is the inventor of Kymera, a bodyboard powered by a gasoline engine. His next goal is to replace the noisy and polluting engine by an all-electric one. But the task is more difficult than it seems because water and electricity hardly mix ...

Nevertheless, the man is full of resources since he created alone a watercraft that you can carry under your arm as you can see in the video, and at the same time is able to take its passenger at speeds up to 20kph on the water. It is currently priced at 5000€ due to the small volumes.

To achieve the electrification of the vehicle, James decided to offer individual investors, the opportunity to finance the construction of a small modern factory which should enable to divide the price by two. 

Adjustable via computer 

His idea is to take advantage of the features of an electric propulsion by allowing users to connect to a computer via USB and adjust a certain number of parameters such as power, acceleration… In short, a truly interactive machine!

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Ideally, James Wood would install a 1kWh removable battery and 6kW motor initially limited to 1 or 2 kW to preserve the range.

Another project of electric bodyboard was introduced in France, it is the Exo by ExoConcept.

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