Geneva 2013: Sbarro unveils a plug-in hybrid sports-car called React’EV

Update of February 23rd article with the first images of the car.

After a beautiful electric concept car last year, Sbarro’s design school is now familiar with the Geneva Motor Show where it presents this year its first hybrid car. More than a concept, the React'EV actually drives.

Sbarro_React'Ev (3).jpg

Remember the Sbarro Intencity that we presented a year ago: a small electric two-seater sports-car with batteries on the side and an optimal Cd.
Intensely beautiful, however the car was just a showroom concept that never proved its specs-sheet in motion...

Unlike the Intencity, Sbarro’s design school latest vehicle is not just a concept, the React'EV will have a second life on the asphalt by participating in the 14th Monte-Carlo Rallye of New Energies from Wednesday, March 20th to Sunday, March 24th, 2013.

Sbarro_React'Ev (8).jpg

A combustion engine and two electric motors

Out of showroom carpets, the React'EV definitely has some potential. The two-seater houses three motors! The most powerful is the 210hp V6 petrol from PSA powering the back-wheels while the two electric in-wheel motors placed at the front develop 137hp each! As a reminder, the Intencity had only one 137hp motor... 

2013_Sbarro_React-EV (5).jpg

The battery has a capacity of 24 kWh, as much as the majority of electric cars on the market - while this is just a plug-in hybrid (which generally feature small batteries). Therefore the car should be versatile with an interesting all-electric range or long periods of full-power combined mode for intense driving like Rallye Stages for example!

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