Toyota i-ROAD, a micro electric car concept for Geneva


For the Geneva Motor Show, Toyota and Lexus’ booths will feature many new hybrid and electric cars.

At Lexus we will find their new hybrid sedan the IS300h making its European premiere, alongside the concept LF-LC a 2 +2 hybrid coupe which will be presented in a Opal Blue livery already seen in Melbourne or, more recently Detroit...

But the real surprise will come from the concept Toyota i-ROAD, a Toyota version of the Twizy "a concept of compact vehicle, fun and non-polluting, capable of carrying two people in town."


For the moment, apart from the COMS in Japan, Toyota does not sell an urban electric vehicle capable of competing with the Twizy... With its two seats and the technology tested for many years in the COMS, the Toyota i-ROAD could benefit from the development of this small urban vehicle market.

Press conferences of Lexus and Toyota will take place on March 5 at respectively 12h45 and 1h PM...
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