(VIDEO) CIRCE: First wireless quick charge, 80% in 15 minutes

You know wireless charging and fast charging (latest example is the Tesla Superchargers) the CIRCE, Research Center for Energy Resources based in Zaragoza partnered with Endesa to develop a technology of high power wireless charging.


Following researches started in the 70s and after low power versions, the CIRCE presented earlier this month a technology for which they have two patents and hope to position Spain as one of the pioneers of the wireless charging.

This induction charging technology has several advantages over those known until then:

-First, the high power recharge is safe with "emissions contained well below the legal limit"

-Second, the misalignment between transmitter and receiver can be up to 30% leaving a good margin

-And finally the most obvious (common to all wireless technologies) the absence of wires

CIRCE_wireless (2).JPG

Charging stops automatically when finished or when the car moves.

CIRCE sees applications for public transport or logistics system with precise stops and may result in vehicles specially designed for traveling the distance between two stops, thereby reducing the cost and weight of batteries ...

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