2013 Mercedes E-Class hybrid, standard of the segment in consumption and emissions


The 2013 E-Class has been revealed to the public and highlights a range that is more sober than ever with the E300 BlueTEC HYBRID as spearhead offering 231hp (204 +26) for 750nm of torque (500 +280) with a consumption figure just over the 4l/100km (4.1l), and emissions of only 107g/km (116g/km for the estate version) and a 0 to 100kph announced in 7.5 seconds!

2013_E-Class_E300_BlueTEC-HYBRID (2).jpg

On the design side, finished the double lights in front, the lines are softer, less sharp. As always with Mercedes, the front-end evolves with the trim level, two different designs are available.

2013_E-Class_E300_BlueTEC-HYBRID (3).jpg

Mercedes is the only German brand to offer a diesel-hybrid premium sedan a segment and technology represented in France by the Peugeot 508 HYbrid4.

For now the new price has not been released but for the record, the current generation is available from € 51,800 with an output of 224hp and emissions of 109g/km.

2013_E-Class_E300_BlueTEC-HYBRID (7).jpg

On the petrol side the most efficient engine, is the E250 a 211hp 4 cylinder with 350nm for fuel consumption and emissions of 5.8l/100km and 135g/km respectively.
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